vox (voice in latin)is the open work in visual design which delivers both dynamic and static expression. The idea of ​​an open work is based on the features formulated by the writer, philosopher and semiotic Umberto Eco (1932-2016). The main aspect of any open work is the viewer’s involvement in the creative process and becoming a participant and co-author of the work. By moving magnet according to the music or voice, the participant becomes a creator – he visualizes both the sound and the movements, and observes the process at the same time. The vox project employs a ferrofluid that is affected by a strong magnetic field. The pure ferrofluid or placed into liquid glycerin reacts actively to gentle movements of the magnet, and creates interesting and intriguing images that are captured in photos or videos.

Images are created with both pure ferro fluid and poured into liquid glycerin. Both cases are somewhat different, visually suggestive and worthy of further experimentation and results. Pure ferro fluid creates a cleaner image, while glycerin provides additional context for dynamic images.

So far, it is possible to change the static magnetic field emitted by a magnet by moving it mechanically according to sound rather than directly by sound. Experiments have shown that the ferro fluid is more sensitive to the magnetic field moved mechanically but still weak to the changes made by electromagnetic waves of sound. The goal of the vox project is to create a method and adapt equipment that would visualize sounds or movements with the help of a magnetic fluid.

Information about the planned creative workshops and exhibitions can be found in the „exposition” section. Please visit the info section and experience how vibrating surface of water reflects the hidden visual structures of the radio noise.

vox project is awarded with individual grant of Lithuanian Council for Culture.