The Lithuanian word atvira means open and [dot] info prompts that it is about the information. The main concept of the is based on the supposition that any information before it becomes materialized exists in a medium of waves or vibrations. Initially, any human creation – screw bolt, novel, philosophical theory or painting, etc. – had been waves that were received and synthesized at the right moment. The space around us is full of various kind of invisible electromagnetic and mechanical waves and oscillations that carry information but only small part of this infinite field of information is used and materialized. The aim of the project is to show this free and unused information – to convert the meaningless and sometimes irritating noise into visual media. visualizes and broadcasts free information of so called radio noise which exists between frequencies used by common radio stations. Expressed visually, the constantly changing and pulsating structures of noise, reveal exceptional order and original patterns existing in chaos of sound. The exposition is a kind of a TV station, where a spectator is a participant of broadcasting. Participants search for individually meaningful information by regulating volume and frequency of radio receiver and making stop frames of the noise. The show is then transmitted through the internet, where all records are stored. The project employs the particular characteristic of the waves to change state and medium of transmission. Thus, the invisible radio waves are converted into visible mechanical water waves which are shot and projected.

The project employs old Soviet radio receiving rarely used frequency bands because it broadcasts more noise by working on long or medium radio waves and does not have FM range where almost all the wave frequencies are used.
The individually visualized invisible free information has unlimited potential across art and design fields and reveals invisible structures and unique harmony in chaos of noise.
© Rūta Mickienė